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German A1.1 for English Speakers (A1)

Do you want to learn German and you do not speak Czech?

This course is for complete beginners who speak English. After two courses you achieve A1 level. Course A1.1 is the first part of the A1 level. After finishing this course, you can continue with A1.2.

  • German A1.1 for English Speakers

    CZK 6.650

    ID: 164991

    Úroveň: A1


    Učební materiály: Menschen A1/1

    Termín: 13.10.2020 - 11.02.2021 / 60 VH

    Dny: Út + Čt

    Čas: 18:55 - 20:25

    Informace: textbook not included

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After finishing the A1.1 course you will be able to:

  • introduce yourself
  • spell your name
  • ask simple questions
  • answer simple questions
  • ask for prices
  • order a meal
  • describe your family members and friends
  • describe what other people do
  • ask for repetition if you do not understand something

About the course:

The textbook is not included in the price and is available in our office for 350 CZK.
The course takes place on Tuesday and Thursday, 6.50-8.20 pm.
At the end of the course you write a final test and receive an attendance confirmation.

Do you have any further questions?

Contact us at oei@oei.cz or visit us in our office at Moravské náměstí 15.

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